Combi Boiler

Atlas boiler are designed and constructed to the latest ASME/BS Codes. All boilers are approved by the Department of Occupational Safety and Healtb and each unit undergoes rigorous inspection during the fabrication stage of the boiler. The inspection is carried out by an approved Thrid Party Inspection company.

The "Combi" design is a composite construction that combines the best features associated with both firetube and watertube boilers. It comprises of a watertube furnace of "Membrane Wall" construction and a shell and tube section that provides convective heating surface. The former ensures gas tightness, increased heat exchange efficiency and minimum refractory work, the latter provides large water volume and steam release area.

The "Atlas Solid Fuel" Boiler is an all welded horizontal three pass wet back firetube designed to the requirements of BS 2790 and supplied as a packaged unit with Fixed Grates as standard, Induced Draught Fan and ancillart equipment fitted before despatch.

The boiler is highly adaptable to suit any type of grates depending on the type and nature of the fuel. The standard design combines with a classic fixed grate although other types of grates such as underfeed stoker, dumping grate and moving grate can also be incorporated.

Transportation and site erection of this boiler is made simple because of its modular construction. The shell and tube section is transported in one piece and the Prefurnace in one or two sections depending on size or site access.

- Steam flow from 3 tons/hr - 27 tons/hr
- Design pressure up to 24 Barg