Water Tube



Design Code : BS 1113/ A.S.M.E Section 1
Type : Bi-Drum
Furnace Design : Refractory Backed / Membrane Wall


Our mission is to design / manufacture the EMPIRE Water Tube Boiler to meet the exact demands of the mills' latest requirements.

The need for a USER and ENVIRONMENTAL friendly Steam Boiler for firing BIOMASS Fuel cannot be overemphazied. Traditional methods of boiler sizing and evaluation is no longer valid. Latest Reseatch & Development in Palm Oil Milling technology has shown that changes in the FFB Sterilisation Process, higher electrical power demand, stringent environmental emission standards and the use of empty bunch fibere (EFB) as fuel require new method in Boiler Evaluation. A shortage of manpower demands more automation in Fuel Feeding, Automatic Boiler Control and Continuous Ash Discharge.


- Steam flow from 15 tones/hr - 80 tons/hr
- Superheat temperature up to 450°
- Design pressure up to 50 Barg